Friday, December 10, 2010

White smoke on Suzuki Escudo

Hello all. Greetings.

ya want to ask something, maybe somebody knows.

My car, suzuki escudo in 95. troubled in the exhaust that is often out of white smoke. . . Anyone know the solution is not?

so, thank previous

white smoke always come out?
what white ash-2 bro?
if ordinary white out only in the morning. was still normal.
if abur-2 I think should skir valve.
there is imperfect combustion.

I think if white smoke comes out like water vapor in the morning doang it normal sihh
white smoke coming out if it was a sign there abu2 oil entering the combustion chamber and burned, now the problem of oil into the combustion chamber there are two possibilities, the first oil can go through the bushing valve (valve guides) thick smoke usually appears when the engine lauched tus of gas released, if that happens like this the possibility of seal valve / spigot already begin to deteriorate, especially the valve intakenya yes solution must replace the valve seal dong ...
both oil can go through the gap between piston and cylinder walls can occur because of wear and tear of the piston, piston ring and cylinder wall sign per digeber always abu2 thick white smoke out of exhaust, so the solution must come down then replace the engine piston rings, cylinder if already started to wear out ya would not want to be oversized piston cylinder and replace all
if white smoke ajah,, kya na t'lalu economical car lw dah LAMDA stel na pas emission test (LAMDA 0.999)
preferably in the first test aja bro compresi before taking action which is too much food costs
want to know how to eliminate the white smoke in exhaust. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
no need till unloaded / off the engine all bro for distinguished budget tight enough in obatin use liquid nano energaizer keramic name, guaranteed deh asepnya lost at a distance of Odo meter after traveling 150km is not a promotion but I've membuktikanya on my iron wagon output yg th95 should come down the machine but not so because sdh pake keramic nano.
bgt betull kawan2. . technology which helps it. . info thank ya. . I Setau revolutionary brand in the market. . yesterday when I use oil change. .

Friday, December 3, 2010

Toyota Kijang LSX 2000

Merk Mobil : Toyota Kijang LSX 2000
Kategori Mobil : MPV
Stock Mobil : Available
Jenis BBM : Premium
Drive Train : 2 WD
Transmissi : Manual
Warna Exterior : Biru Metalik
Warna Interior : Abu-abu
Jumlah Pintu : 5 pintu